My Daily Activities and "Ainu Hakubutsukan Hoomon"

Well,.,,.,I don’t know where should I start. It’s already too long and too much stories to tell here. Hmmm,.,.,ok. I’ll try to make it shorter.

My happy life in Sapporo start from “getsuyoubi” to “kinyoubi”, and my favorite day are “doyoubi”and “nichiyoubi” to experience more about sapporo out of “daigaku” life.
The first five days before weekend I spend to have some classes and practice my research at Systematic of entomology laboratory, most of those practices new for me, especially the method and machine tools operation. Thankfully my senpai and lab-mate are very kind and patient of my clumsily, they struggled to help me. 
 Beside it is my new experiences to use such those machines, they’re also crucial to operate, so detail and carefully is needed. 
 Even so, the experiment seems not goes easy to me  it doesn’t gave a satisfied result yet. I am still learning about it, but they said the previous experime gave a good chances. Well, they said practice will makes you perfect. I challenge myself to prove it.
Aah,., I also take Japanese Grammar class,., just one class, but I used to “amnesia” when it comes to hiragana and katagana (memorizing is my debility),.,bwahahahhaaa. One thing that makes me stayed with those class is Umeda-sensee, he is so kind, patient, friendly and used to teach us  cheerfully. He never judge our mistake, he rather do correct it with the funny and gentle way. Keep rockin’ sensee ^^.
 I always wonder when it comes to “syoumatsu”, which place should I go to “kankoushimasu”? where is it? what kind of place is it?. Sapporo famous of sightseeing places, I better visit some of them when I have a chance. I had visited some places and as expected they’re fabulous. Actually I don’t really visit museum as well, but since I got here, I never miss impressed of any museum in Hokkaido, such as : The Hokkaido University Museum, Salmon Museum at Makomanai, and Shiraoi Ainu Museum (Porotokotan) & Village at Shiraoi-gun.
Especially about Shiraoi Ainu Museum, it’s preserve and exhibit the Ainu’s cultural assets.

The facilities include cises (a thatched house), a museum, a botanical garden and an animal barn. My favorite part is the Traditional Ainu folk dance, it is Sarorunchikappurimuse (the Crane Dance). The dance moves is great and the song is easy listening. I really like it,.,very much. I almost did such that dance when I watched it. (sorry for the bad video..size limited. oups).

Location: 23 Chome Kita 12 Jonishi, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan
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