Nichaphat's Activities

Good morning…(9.33 am)

I'm Tan. My sensei teaches about thinking and imagination experiment. I learn and practice imagination about my work everyday. Sometimes, I can do it but I can't sometimes do it. I focus on the utilization of enzyme from squid liver. In this work, I don't use meat squid so I make squid sashimi to my members in this laboratory.

                                                           The preparation squid liver

                                                                        squid sashimi

On the weekend and holiday, I and my friend travel around Hakodate bay and join to party.

Hakodate bay at night

On 3 Nov,  It's  first time for me I see the snow. I'm very excited.

Finally, I'm very happy when I live and learn at HU in Hakodate campus.

                                                                     …Thank you…
                                                                        …Miss u…
                                                            Nichaphat DETKAMHAENG

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