The first time for me for Thai dancing in Hokkaido.

Activity in November

              I started in this month by Loy-kra tong festival.  Loy-kra-tong is festival of Thailand but Thailand club are organize this festival in Hokkaido for Thai people in Hokkaido and Japanese people who are love Thailand in  Hokkaido. In festival have many activity such as, thai dancing,  loykratong, thai food. 

Thai dancing


Thai food

            After that i continuous my experiment. and now my adsuki bean are growing and i bring seeding dipping to the bud-cells of Fusarium oxysporum is 96-3K2 about 2 hous after that transplanted into a mixed soil : vermiculite ratio 1:1 and look for symptom on leaf.

          I prepare soil inoculation by collected mycelia of Fusarium oxysporum is 96-3K2 and mixed with soil, wait about 2 weeks. after that check concentration of mycelia by spread on agar and waiting for symptom.


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