In the first half of November Thai people in Sapporo have created the Loy Kra Tong event. So I was a part of the event by helped cooking Thai food and repairing Kra Tong (the thing I hold on my hand in this picture) . The Loy Kra Toong event is one of Thai traditional festival to float a basket or Kra tong to the river on the full moon night. 

Then I have took part in Hokudai next top model with OIA which I really enjoyed. Because I have a chance to know international friends since most of photoshoot was candid. So no stress or shy but only fun fun fun during the photoshoot and we also get 2000 yes as gift card for book store.

So time to go out again! Yay!!!
Since last couples week have many day off on monday so me and my friends had a chance to go to many places such as Sapporo beer brewery place

Then I had a trip to Furano, Biei, and Otaru
This one from Biei, which is called blue pond. So beautiful there :D

After that couples day the first snow of this season no time to wait let's take picture!! lol

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