Life in Japan on early Nov 2014.

Now it’s turned to snow season which it’s my first time to see snow (ゆき). The first part (1-15 Nov), I don’t have anything to say. Due to everyone said about snow enough. Hahaha but next second of this month I will let you to see how enjoy on Oshoro maru on 18-20 Nov. I will show you the new Oshoro maru.!
I just want to describe that my colleaque in the たんすいlaboratory are very kind and friendly as well as helpfulness such as everytime to do experiment, I have to ask my friend before because some those of chemical reagents wrote in Japanese! :D However, my supervisor provided me both supporter experiment and general supporter. (I will show you how cute of them assist me everything later.) I think that I’m very enjoyed to do my experiment in Japan.
Nowadays we’ve studied in Japanese from hiragana and katakana with Japanese words and how to speak in sentences as well. I would like to thank you かおり ひらまつ sensei who teach us in Japanese.
Suthin Iampaisarn

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