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Hello guys… How are you guys..? 

After my self-introduction in this blog, now I will tell you my story in Hokudai. I almost don’t believe that today is already 2 months since I came to Sapporo. I feel like just 2 weeks ago start my research in laboratory, but actually now it is already two months.. wow..!!! so fast….!!!
Let’s start the story, I came here at 24th August 2014 and start to joint Introduction to PARE II and PARE Summer School, same with you guys. So I will skip the story about PARE Summer School, because all of us already now, and you also have already read many story about it in the post before. Anyway, one sentence that I would like to say about PARE Summer School to you (Specially Master student in IPB, ITB and UGM) “YOU HAVE TO JOIN THIS PROGRAM, BEFORE YOU GRADUATION”. This program will open your mind widely about your complicated life that affect our earth. 
When the summer School finished, one day after which is Friday, I started my life in laboratory (back to the real life, after vacation in summer school). As I told you before, my research here is related to isolation of cytotoxic compound from marine green algae. So, the first thing that I should do is collecting sample. Okino Sensei, Me, Kaneko San, Watanabe San collected the algae from Oshoro Marine Station, HU, in Oshoro bay, Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan. We got about 3 bag of green algae. This is the picture of the algae and the sampling site.
Oshoro, Marine Station, Oshoro bay, Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan

Ulva Pertusa
 It was very interesting field sampling that I have done in Japan. We use the facility like Boat, field laboratory from this marine station. This Hokkaido university marine station facility. We bring that sample to our laboratory and drying for about 5 days. Then I extracted using methanol and so on, I do the isolation of compound like filtration, evaporation, partition also column chromatography.

So far, the new thing that I already learn here is how to operate the LC-MS (Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectroscopy) machine and how to do cytotoxic assay using breast adenocarcinoma cell line (MCF-7). You can imagine, if Indonesia you want to do LC-MS, How much you have to pay for one sample and also you may only can observe the Lab Guys doing the that for you, you will not permitted to do by your shelf. But in here, I can learn how to operate, how to prepare and how to analyze the data. Wowww.. That is very interesting for me. In Indonesia I only learn about the theory, and had never seen the equipment in the real. Because my lecturer only show the picture from internet. For the cytotoxic assay, actually it was very easy step, but time consuming and need sterile condition. But I haven’t done in Indonesia, because we usually only send our sample to laboratory which provide for the assay.
I think that’s all for now, thanks for reading my post..!

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