NAMFON 's last october

Hi there!!
I was totally enjoyed with past few weeks so I have many things to share !!
So let's start with last October...It was autumn and all leaves turned yellow it was really nice to take a picture for a great memorable moment during my stay in Hokkaido. 

For this picture I took at Nakajima Koen, the weather was really nice and good environment. That day also had a flea market in the park so I was really enjoyed chilling in the park with the Jazz music near the pond (Someone was playing saxophone).

After that me and my Thai friends went to Mt. Moiwa by trekking. It was the first time of my life to trek. I had so much fun even I was really exhausted at that time lol. But after all when we finished, the landscape really impressed me . Such a gorgeous night ever!

Nevertheless, I've been to Sapporo beer museum to see the building they used to produced all good beers there and there historical moments. When we finished the exhibition of Sapporo beer they have a beer tasting at the first floor which we have to buy a ticket from vending machine to get a draft beer of Sapporo beer. Don't have to tell how the taste was because you need to try by yourself ;p 

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