Blue Lake (Biei), Tomita Farm, and Furano : What a great trip!

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I with my friend (Vanessa, Namfon, Takayuki and Julie) were went to Biei and Furano. We were rent a car and we had Mr. Driver (Takayuki) with us. Thanks for drive us safely, Taka-san! :D

Blue Pond is located in Biei, roughly five miles away from an active volcano called Mount Tokachi. Blue Pond receives so much attention because of its shimmering blue hue—which changes into a lovely green in certain light. The effect is caused by water containing a colloid—a microscopic mixture—of aluminium hydroxide, a naturally occurring mineral that's used to make antacids. Those particles reflect blue light (a similar phenomenon to what makes the sky blue) quite well, which means they change dramatically with the light.
And here is the wonderful Blue lake! (it used as wallpaper for Apple Inc. which photographed by Kent Shiraishi who live in Biei!. It was a very great picture!

Blue pond was taken by us

 This photograph was taken during the first snow by Kent Shiraishi for Apple Inc.

Beside that, we went in Tomita farm and Furano also. We were eat Lavender ice cream and we found a nice spaghetti restaurant near Tomita.

And during our trip, we found a very wonderfull waterfall in Sandantanki Park. The scenery was like a "Twilight" movie location.

and I just curious, where is the Cullen's house? or where is Jacob's house? I want to meet my Jack! hahaha. (DF)

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