The journey of my life 4; HU-SNU Joint Symposium.

Good day everyone!!! Hope you can enjoy your weekend :D

         On last Friday, November 28, 2014 I and some PARE friends have a chance to attend HU-SNU Joint Symposium Production, Function and Safety of Food. This symposium is the participation between Hokkaido University, Japan and Seoul National University, South Korea.

      There are 6 topics including,
- The rule of autophagy and lysomal functions on reproductive efficiency in cattle. By Masashi TAKAHASHI (HU).
- Research infrastructure and future prospect of SNU-ARF. By Jeong M. LIM (SNU).
- Postprandial thermic effect of meat. By Jun-ichi WAKAMATSU (HU).
- Production of human milk oligosaccharide, fucosyllactose, in engineered microorganisms. By Jin-Ho SEO (SNU).
- Development of a novel time-temperature indicator using the Maillard reaction for prediction of Listeria monocytogenes growth during chilled storage. By Shigenobu KOSEKI (HU). and,
- Sialic acid catabolism of Vibrio vulnificus as a therapeutic target. By Sang Ho CHOI (SNU).

   All of talk is interesting and kind of new molecular technology but not so difficult to understand their concept. the most interesting topic of mine is Development of a novel time-temperature indicator using the Maillard reaction for prediction of Listeria monocytogenes growth during chilled storage. By Shigenobu KOSEKI (HU). Because, He was developed the TTI kit for bacteria predication based on Maillard reaction that can change color into blue in low temperature as chilling temperature for food in market. this kit is really cheap (Only 1 yen for a kit). but the problem is this kit is just only the predict that this food contaminated bacteria but unable to ensure this is L. monocytogenes or not. anyway he said that this study need to improve for synchronizing color change with growth of L. monocytogenes

    Anyway, Time to go now. I have a lot of homework to send to Sensei on next week lol Hope everyone stay healthy! Next week snow will fall again and It might be not malted like last 2 weeks. please keep yourself warm and eat healthy food.

First snow in my life

                                                                                                  Thank you

                                                                                 PUTCHAKARN  Awassada (Mika)


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