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My great memory : Hokkaido University

Hi everyone! I have stayed in Hokkaido for 7 months. Now, it's time to say 'Good bye' for my friends, my teacher and my roommate. It's a great memory to study here, Hokkaido University. I got a lot of experience while I stay here. Thank you all my friends and teacher. I wish I will meet all of you again one day!

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Natsu Matsuri : Otaru

Last weekend, I have a chance to go to natsu matsuri or Summer Festival with my lovely friend, Saki. I'm very funny with Japanese dancing and Japanese food. Otaru is a beautiful place which I recommend all of you to go!

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Wonderful Hokkaido (part-2): A summer trip edition

Summer is a great moment to travel around Hokkaido. It provides a lot of outstanding spots which cause expressions of unedited joy. Therefore, Indonesia Student Association (Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia, PPI) Hokkaido University conducted a summer trip (Saturday, 2015/0725). There are three locations we visited: Cheese Factory, Tomita Farm in Furano, and Blue Pond.
Furano Cheese Factory main building
Hand made butter

The first destination was Furano Cheese Factory. The factory produces cheese product using local milk producer that provides product freshness. Visitors can taste the cheese in the display room (second floor of the main building). Not only cheese is displayed here, but also other milk-derived products are available such as fresh milk, cake, and bakery-based foods.
Furthermore, this factory is highly recommended to visit because tourists have option to join in the butter and ice cream class. These classes are designed to introduce people how to make butter and ice cream. Each person is charged 700 yen for each session, and brings home your butter or ice cream you made.
The next spot is Farm Tomita that is also located in Furano. The place is the best spot to view lavender Hokkaido. The lavender starts blooming in the late June. Early July to end of September is the best viewing season. In this peak season, lavender flower covers the field as if purple carpet. The incredible scenery is completed by presence of Tokachi mountain as backdrop. In term of history, lavender has been cultivated for more than half a century in the island. In the early stages, this plant was planted for agricultural need. However, imported lavender with lower price attenuated Hokkaido’s lavender demand which subsequently shifted from agricultural product to tourism attraction.
Some views in Farm Tomita
 The last visited site is blue pond (Aoi Ike). It has an ethereal and enchanting appearance. The Blue Pond is located in the left bank of the River Bieigawa, southeast of the town of Biei in Hokkaido, Japan, about 2.5 km northwest from the Platinum hot springs at the foot of Mt. Tokachi. The presence of bright blue hue is actually caused by “unnatural work”. Initially, blue pond is a dam that was built to avoid severe destruction by mudflow from Mt. Tokachi eruption. Accumulated water in the pond exerts blue color which is most likely correlated to existence of aluminum hydroxide in the water.
Aoi Ike

Location: Furano, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan
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One Day trip in Hokkaido

Last year, September, I came to Hokkaido under PARE program with the short-term period. I have researched about the wonderful place in Hokkaido. At that time, I intended to go to Lavender Farm and Blue lake (Ao-ike). However, I cannot go because of it's too late for Lavender and Ao-ike is to far from Sapporo.

This year, I stay when Lavender is the most beautiful in Hokkaido but I still think Lavender farm is too far from my dormitory. I have not enough money to travel. Fortunately, My laboratory friends asked me where I would like to go in Hokkaido. I answered with no hesitate 'Aoi Ike!'. They asked 'What's more?'. I answered 'Lavender Farm'.

Yes! Like you thinking. They bring me to both places with the borrowed car. This trip is very funny. It's like you can travel at the place you already give up to go. I'm really happy. Thanks everyone who help me finishing my target.

 Ao-Ike with lab members

Lavender Farm

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Jojo’s Diary : July Part 1_On the top of the mountain

Hi! Everyone,

          This month is the last month in Sapporo. I miss my home too much and also I will miss here after I go back top Thailand. On July 5th, I and my Thai friends went to Mt. Moiwa by climbing. 

          We are so difficult and tried to walk on the rough and long way, but it is very nice when we arrived at the destination because of beautiful views. It is same like our life, sometimes maybe you feel difficult and tried to go up to your goal but let's fight because the somethings are waiting for you at the destination.

Fighting!! Jojo...

To be continued…

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Climb toward the future: Mt. Moiwa

5th July 2015

I and my friends went to Mt. Moiwa together. Normally, most people go up the mountain by ropeway and cable car. But this time, we decided to climb up Mt.Moiwa by ourselves via 1 of the 5 routes toward the summit.

I took so many pictures because of good forestry and scenery. We enjoyed our day and so tried after finished....


Also, we can see Sapporo city by the way and it was breathtaking.

Then, we have homemade lunch together at ropeway station ^_^

And we finally made it to the summit.....YEAH

 Then we walked down the mountain via another way



Good friends make great memories~~~

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