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Jojo’s Diary : March Part 2_Waiting of New Adventure


          The time go very fast. The spring vacation will be end and next semester will come soon. The end of March is the time for Graduation Ceremony of Japanese students. For my laboratory, we have a Graduation trip at Jozankei in 23-24 March. We enjoy with japanese food, drinking party, game, and onsen.

          In this year, there are three master students in my lab graduate. One of them is the student in my research group. He give me a present, it is the book about muscular boy. 5555 I like it so much.

           Next month, next semester will start. I will busy again because of the engineering classes, Japanese classes, new experiments, and others. Now, I am waiting for my new adventure.

สู้ ๆ , Fighto, ガンバッテ Jojo

To be continued…

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More than friends, I call it family!

                I have been staying in Hokkaido for 2 months. It’s not a long time I come here. Thus, there are many things I still have to learning about living in this town. It’s so difficult to living in the place, very far away from home, using language I know just a little bit. Most of my helpers are my Indonesian friends. They help me many things, making me feel like I’m stay in home.
                Last month, some of my Indonesian friends go back to their country. They left a lot of things to me before they go. That time, I just feel a little bit sad, because some of them still here. However, this month, all of my Indonesian friends are gone. I hate to think that they are really gone and we don’t know when we will meet after this.
                I would like to say ‘thank you’ all of my friends helping me to survive this town. Thank you for your suggestion. Thank you for you kindness. Thank you for your priceless friendship you give it to me.

                Hope we can meet soon.

               I love you all!

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Jojo’s Diary : March Part 1_I am a chef


          Hello, March. This month is the second month of spring vacation. The season will change from winter to spring soon. I do not go anywhere because I have to do my experiment and write my paper, then I do not have anything to write to this blog. This month, I wanna shown my Thai food that my made by myself in this month. Let's see^^

 ยำวุ้นเส้น Yam wun sen

ผัดซีอิ้ว Pad see aew

ข้าวหมูแดง Khaw moo dang

น้ำพริกกุ้งแห้ง Nam prick gung hang

หมูย่าง ไก่ย่าง น้ำจิ้มแจ่ว Hmoo yang, Gai yang, and Nam jim jeaw

ข้าวมันไก่  Kaw man gai

Bye bye, Have a nice day ^^

To be continued…

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I finished my final presentation for my research in IPB and I finished my research life in Bogor yesterday.
At the same time I already missed my life in laboratory because I will never stay there and I felt sad.
But I have to do something next.
I have to keep progressing.
I want to say thank you all of people who help me for my great experience.
Thank you my dear friends.
Thank you sensei.
And today, we already started PARE SPRING SCHOOL.
We had 2 lectures and group discussion until 20:30.
From the first day, it was hard but I hope I can get something great after I finish this program.
Tomorrow, we will wake up at 5:00 and go to Baduy village.


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Hello everyone.

This is my last day in Sapporo and also Hokkaido University. I already finished my research, courses, final presentation and all of my tasks here. I want to say great thanks to PARE Program so I got this gorgeous experience in Japan. See you all in the future, someday, somewhere :) and see you soon Indonesian friends :)

In final presentation with laboratory members

PARE students in final presentation

After final Presentation

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Spring school is coming soon

Hello, this is Natsu from UGM, Yogyakarta.
I will go to Jakarta tomorrow because of spring school in Bogor.
Let's enjoy all together!!

Selamat tidur...

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Japanese series is interesting than I know!

         One thing which make I love Japan is Anime! I love to watching cartoon since is was young. I think I have watched more than 100 Japanese cartoons and still watch more and more. In Thailand, Japanese anime is very popular. More than 80% cartoon in TV comes from Japan but most of Thai not usually watching Japanese series. I don't know why, but it just like that!
         Last week, I have chance watching one series from Japan call Zeni on Sensou. The story is about Shiraishi Tomio, guy have a good job in foreigh securities firm and have a beautiful fiancee. Everyone think his life will be very successful one day like him thought. However, one day, he realize that his father suicide and leaving a lot of debts which although his saving money, 50 million yen , not enough. In the 1st episode, he lost job, lost his fiancee and also his home...

        It's look like everything is really bad, when I watching it, I just think, 'whoe, what am I doing if I were Shiraishi' and I become fan-club of this series after that time. If you wanna know how can he does, you can watching yourself.
       The point is, after Zeni no Sensou, I beginning watching Japanese series and movie like Nakuna Liar game, Hara chan , Genji Monogatari sennen no nazo, Hotaru no Hikari etc. Every story has their own fascination. Thus, if you have time, just try to watching Japanese movie and you will know Japanese have Something more than Anime!

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