Japanese series is interesting than I know!

         One thing which make I love Japan is Anime! I love to watching cartoon since is was young. I think I have watched more than 100 Japanese cartoons and still watch more and more. In Thailand, Japanese anime is very popular. More than 80% cartoon in TV comes from Japan but most of Thai not usually watching Japanese series. I don't know why, but it just like that!
         Last week, I have chance watching one series from Japan call Zeni on Sensou. The story is about Shiraishi Tomio, guy have a good job in foreigh securities firm and have a beautiful fiancee. Everyone think his life will be very successful one day like him thought. However, one day, he realize that his father suicide and leaving a lot of debts which although his saving money, 50 million yen , not enough. In the 1st episode, he lost job, lost his fiancee and also his home...

        It's look like everything is really bad, when I watching it, I just think, 'whoe, what am I doing if I were Shiraishi' and I become fan-club of this series after that time. If you wanna know how can he does, you can watching yourself.
       The point is, after Zeni no Sensou, I beginning watching Japanese series and movie like Nakuna Liar game, Hara chan , Genji Monogatari sennen no nazo, Hotaru no Hikari etc. Every story has their own fascination. Thus, if you have time, just try to watching Japanese movie and you will know Japanese have Something more than Anime!

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