Jojo’s Diary : March Part 2_Waiting of New Adventure


          The time go very fast. The spring vacation will be end and next semester will come soon. The end of March is the time for Graduation Ceremony of Japanese students. For my laboratory, we have a Graduation trip at Jozankei in 23-24 March. We enjoy with japanese food, drinking party, game, and onsen.

          In this year, there are three master students in my lab graduate. One of them is the student in my research group. He give me a present, it is the book about muscular boy. 5555 I like it so much.

           Next month, next semester will start. I will busy again because of the engineering classes, Japanese classes, new experiments, and others. Now, I am waiting for my new adventure.

สู้ ๆ , Fighto, ガンバッテ Jojo

To be continued…

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