More than friends, I call it family!

                I have been staying in Hokkaido for 2 months. It’s not a long time I come here. Thus, there are many things I still have to learning about living in this town. It’s so difficult to living in the place, very far away from home, using language I know just a little bit. Most of my helpers are my Indonesian friends. They help me many things, making me feel like I’m stay in home.
                Last month, some of my Indonesian friends go back to their country. They left a lot of things to me before they go. That time, I just feel a little bit sad, because some of them still here. However, this month, all of my Indonesian friends are gone. I hate to think that they are really gone and we don’t know when we will meet after this.
                I would like to say ‘thank you’ all of my friends helping me to survive this town. Thank you for your suggestion. Thank you for you kindness. Thank you for your priceless friendship you give it to me.

                Hope we can meet soon.

               I love you all!

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