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Stay in Jambi - Part 2. Everyday life and events

I am staying in Rantau Rasau, Sumatra Island with safety and good health. Additionally, the research to take gas and soil sample is going well.
In this post, I will write about usual life and events in Rantau Rasau during 2 months.

Despite of rural area, I can live in Rantau Rasau with comfort. However, I had puzzled to the difference of meals and toilet when I was new to here. The difference of meals means the richness of rice and oil. Basically, we eat rice in every meal everyday with lots of fried cuisines. Besides that, here doesn’t have dairy products such as milk, cheese, and so on. If you were worried about deviation of nutrition here, you need to eat much soy milk and fruits, I think. Indonesian style toilets are different from Japanese ones. When we want to flush, we take water with tub from big jar. In this room, we also take a bath with cold water. I take a bath twice a day before breakfast and dinner in the same way with host family.

As events, I write on end of year fireworks and attending to a wedding party.
I enjoyed end of year fireworks with my host family in the garden. When I asked my host mother what we would do at year end night, she answered we had no activity at the night. Then, Santa Claus being late from Japan were sent to the house and the family were allowed to enjoy fireworks. At the moment to come new year, I had slept unfortunately. On New Year’s Day, most of people, farmers, worked as usual though school was in vacation. New Year’s Day like this was very new for me because I had been to shrine, eaten soba, buckwheat noodles and osechi-ryori, special dishes prepared for the New Year in Japan every New Year’s Day.  

In order to attend relative’s wedding party, we went to Jambi city, the nearest urban area from Rantau Rasau. It took 3 hours by car. The party had been held all a day and started with Islamic scriptures and greeting by fathers of a new married couple. After that, all participants started lunch until night enjoying music, dancing singing themselves. Indonesian people were very cheerful and enjoyed the party all time. I helped receptionists and greeted with participants. I learned Indonesian people had various style of shaking hands such as shaking a hand normally, just pinch a partner’s hand with one’s hands softly, not shaking hands with different gender but just putting a hand on one’s chest, and so on.
"Hira" , traditional painting on hands and legs for new wife

The life with cheerful people in Rantau Rasau was so different from Japanese busy one. Although income isn’t so high and there is a little inconvenience, people here live more fulfilling lives than Japanese, I felt. Besides, people not only here, but also in Indonesia, are very kind to strangers and treated me kindly as if I am a member of their family. Through this experience, I found there were various people and life styles. I would like to spend days in Japan remembering life in Rantau Rasau and always be positive even though I am busy.

Thank you for your reading.

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