Minna san, konnichiwa!! Hajimemashite..
Hi there, i am Hesty Parbuntari. This is my first time blogging after stayed about 3 months in Sapporo. Gomenasaaiii...
What i’m gonna share is about my laboratory. Before I came to Japan, I really worried about what should I do here, how is my laboratory and my lab members here. I am a little bit nervous if I can not adapt fast but I am really excited to be here. So, I left my nervous behind and decided to join long term program. I belongs to Sakairi sensei’s laboratory because I really  interest with Sakairi sensei’s research project.

Here is Sakairi sensei’s lab member

From right with blue shirt is Natakon san (Thailand), Hirosawa san (Japan), Suda san (Japan), Han san (China), Song san (China), Sakairi sensei’s wife, Sakairi sensei, Asmaa and Yasin(Egypt), Kawano san (Japan), Tajima san (Japan), and Fujita san (Japan).

I am so happy to be part of them. They are really kind. They help and teach me many things especially Sakairi sensei. In my laboratory, There is cute Thailand student who also join pare program. Her name is Pim. Pim is really kind and care about me too. Arigatou ne, minna san!!
After about a month I came to Japan, my laboratory had welcome party for me and Pim. Because I like takoyaki and here is really difficult to find Halal takoyaki, My lab members cooked Halal takoyaki in welcome party. Sensei also cooked one of special food from Japan. It is called as Nabe. Yay! I am officially fall in love with both of them (Nabe and Takoyaki)! In the welcome party, I also made an Indonesian food. It is called as Perkedel. I really surprised when all of lab members love it!! Even, Yasin (Asmaa's son) loves it. Oh! Asmaa also made a chocolate cake. It is really delicious!!

Here is the picture describing how fun my welcoming party is, but unfortunately I forgot to take picture of nabe, chocolate cake, and perkedel. We are really full after eating nabe, takoyaki, perkedel, and chocolate cake. Anyway, there is no pim here because at that time pim took the picture for us. Oh! Purna, one of Pare student, also joined this party. She helped me to cook perkedel. Thank anyway! <3

Hello there! I am pim and please call me takoyaki sensei :D v^^v

~^o^~ To Be Continued ~^o^~

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