Surprising Hokkaido! (3)

Before I come to Japan, I know that Hokkaido is the place that really cold in winter season.  In the middle of November maybe you can see the first snow falls. I remember snow felt on October 25 but just two or three hours after that no snow anymore. It’s my first time (of course, because in In Indonesia no snow.. wkwkwk :D ) But on November 24 winter season was really come. When I woke up what I seen from the window all white covered by snow. And I just realized that temperature is minus already. 

The challenge is you must go to university earlier than usually because you can’t use a bicycle. you need more time and the road is slippery. Sometimes I should walk like penguin :p hahahaaa…

Winter made all students from Indonesia and Thailand was excited, we are joined winter trip 2 weeks ago. This event was held by NPO, I think the member of this organization are the man who >50 years old already. Truly they look like a grandfather, but their spirits are still young. The activity of winter trip was very interesting. In the middle of December I join winter trip, aside a lot of task from the course I should do and submit but I really enjoy.

lunch with special new year dishes

aruku ski
drawing new year card

It’s a rush time for some student in my laboratory they should present their poster in the seminar. I learn so many topic especially research related with waste management. Surprising me, their time for presentation only 1 minute. They should explain in the limited time, but after that, we can ask the presenter as much as you want. It’s effective method I think than present in a long time but the information that you got is not clear (because the limited time for discussion section). So, feel free.. because you can ask everything until you really understand :)


labolatory poster presentation

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