Hello there, here is me again!
First time blogging, I told you about my laboratory welcome party. Now, I’m gonna tell about fall season in Sapporo. It just about two months of winter and I missed Fall season already. Fall season here is superb beautiful. First time when I came here, the leaves is still green but day to day the gingko leaves become yellow and mapple leaves become red. It makes Sapporo full of yellow and red colour. Fall season is the best time for me to visit many parks and omoshiroi places in Sapporo because in winter no leaves left :D To visit many parks in one day of weekend or holiday, I used donichika. You just spent 520 yen and you can go to many places in a day. Here is the beautiful parks which I visited and the other awesome place.

Nakajima Koen 

Nakajima koen (Nakajima park) is my most favorite park. Why? Because it is not only super beautiful but I also can sit and read here. Here is really comfort, silent, and clean. Wanna come here? It is really easy to come here. You just take subway nanboku line which going to Makomanai. Then, you stop in Nakajima station (the station is after susukino station) and take exits 1 or 3 to come out in the park.

Makomanai Koen


 Makomanai koen (Makomanai park) is the park which you can visit after nakajima koen because they are in the same subway line (nanboku line). So, you do not need to change the line. You just go to Makomanai stations and walk about 20 minutes. Makomanai koen is also beautiful, I love to see the falling leaves. They cover the ground and makes the ground full of color <3<3<3

 Jozankei Houheikyou Dam

This is another most visited place but it is little bit taking your time to go there. Why? Because you must take from one bus to another bus to go there. So, you need prepare a full day. How can you go there? First, from Makomanai station, you take the Jotetsu Bus Jozankei sen (I am so sorry, I forgot the bus number but you can ask the information or read the bus schedule there (if you can read kanji). You must pay about 1000 yen. You should stop in the last bus stop. Then, you have to take another bus (sorry again! I forgot kind of the bus but dont mind, there is an information there). After about an hour in the bus, the bus will stop to jozankei area. But, hei!! This is not the last bus. You need take another bus again to go to dam area. To go to the dam area, you need to pay the electric bus about 600 yen for adult and 300 yen for child. It is really long trip right? But, you will not dissappointed because your tired will be paid by the Jozankei Houheikyou Dam Scenery. The most important note : You have to predict the time for the last bus to come back or you will stay there overnite. Ahahaha.. You can easily find the information by clickling : www.houheikyou.jp 

~^^~ To Be Continued ~^^~ 

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