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Welcome Sapporo

Hai everyone, genkidesuka, Let me introduce myself first. My name is Agus Wahyudi. I’m graduate student from Bogor Agricultural University. Now, I stay in Sapporo around six month to take long term PARE Program in Graduate School of Agriculture in Hokudai. I came to Hokkaido in 23 March last month, before that, I spend two weeks in Thailand. There is a lot of amazing experience while in Thailand. We visit beautiful place and spend good time together with other PARE Members from Thailand, Japan and Malaysia. We make a lot of group discussion and presentation (Thanks it has ended). Thailand is nice country, I hope that I can visit Thailand again someday.

Fig 1. Thailand Floating Market

While in Thailand, I ask Hokudai student about the weather condition in Sapporo right now. They said that there is still snow there and the temperature around zero C degrees. I can’t imagine how cold there. So, when I arrived at the first time in Sapporo the weather is very cold. How can these people live in these kind of place. First three days in Sapporo, the snow still come down and I love it, but I don’t like the cold temperature. But in the third day I have to go to campus and visit PARE office and also go to the others office such as bank, ward office and etc. I go to that office with my supporter student from my laboratory (Thanks Yamaya san for accompany me).

Fig 2. OIA Building

The first building that I visit in Hokudai is Office of International Affairs (OIA). I meet Saori Sasaki who’s staff of PARE office that always contact us, IPB students via email before wecome to Sapporo. She talks a lot about the PARE student procedure and also she is very kind. She give me a handkerchief because my hair is very wet because of the snow.  After that I went to ward office, Hokkaido Bank and Post Office to prepare all the things that I need while I stay in Sapporo. After finish all, I go to my laboratory, Environmental Informatics to meet my supervisor Hiroshi Tani Sensei and also meet my labor mate and one of them is Indonesia student that take Doctoral Degree (Yoroshikuonegaishimasu, HerrySenpai).

Fig 3. Agricultural Faculty

In my dormitory also, there is Indonesia students there. They tell me everything about Sapporo, halal food, masjid for pray and also teach me how to be survive here. There is also Indonesia Students Associations (PPI) in Sapporo. They lend me a bicycle that’s very useful here to go anywhere (Arigatougoizamasu for the bicycle, YassirSenpai).

Fig 4. The Bicycle

Fig 5. Hokudai Scenery in Winter

Fig 6. Hokudai Scenery in Spring

Sapporo is nice city. The people are very warm and I hope that’s everything will be ok while I’m stay here. There will be a lot of good experience for me. I hope that I can visit many place in Hokkaido especially the mountain. Yeah, I have to climb mountain here. Come, join with me, Minna. ( ^ ͜^).

Location: Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan
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Hello Hakodate

April 6th, 2016
Hi, I’m Icha, participant of long term PARE program from Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). After finishing the unforgettable PARE Spring School program in Kasetsart University, Thailand, I’m going to Hakodate, Hokkaido University, Japan. I was welcomed with strong wind and cold weather. Samui! I’m a little bit shocked because of the big temperature difference between Nakhon Pathom (Thailand) and Hakodate (Japan). And also, this is my first winter. Fortunately, this is the end of winter, spring is coming (can’t wait to see sakura).

Hakodate is a peaceful place, far from crowded. I like it. Everything is interesting in here and everything is new for me. And also, I can learn many things in my laboratory. Most of student in my laboratory is doing research in marine fish physiology. Therefore, I get opportunity to see marine animals that I’ve never seen before. Even the weather is very cold, the people are very warm. Especially the member of my laboratory, they are very kind and funny. I’m really grateful to be a part of this laboratory.

When I arrived in Hakodate station, I saw many announcement and flyers with a big 3.26 text and Shinkansen picture (Fig.1). I found them not only in the station, but also in another public places. The announcement and flyers inform about the opening day of Hokkaido Shinkansen Line at March 26th, 2016. Shinkansen or bullet train is popular Japanese high speed train. Shinkansen is icon of Japan.  Therefore, many people excited about the opening day. I saw from internet that tickets for the first train bound for Tokyo from Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Station was sold not more than 1 minute.

Fig.1 One of announcement in the station
At the opening day of Hokkaido Shinkansen Line (March 26th, 2016), I got opportunity to watch the performance of Blue Impulse (Japan Self Defense Force’s aerobatic team). They performed some attractions in order to celebrate this historic moment and many people watched this attraction. It was the best moment during my stay in Hakodate (Fig.2).

Fig.2 Blue Impulse performance (taken by Hidayu-san)

Soon, I will join some lecturers in here and also Japanese language class. I am excited to learn Japanese language class and also excited to start my research. Hope the best for me. Ganbatte kudasai!

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Spring School 2016 in Thailand

Hello! I'm Sakkun, a student of PARE spring school 2016.

This was my first visit to Thailand. I had thought that there are so many spicy foods, and it was almost true.

Papaya Salad

We had a lot of lectures, discussions and presentations. It was very hard for me because my English skill is poor. I have many times confused friends and misunderstood their ideas. Even so, they were always kind to me, and explained repeatedly until I understood. I thank friends, especially group 3.

Group 3

Because I'm majoring in mechanical engineering, I had not done fieldwork before PARE program. So, All fieldwork made me excited.

Erawan Waterfall

Khwae Yai River

Floating Market

Boat trip on Chao Praya River

Mangrove plantation   

In addition, I was able to see many animals and Sightseeing spots.


 Group 2&3 

Grand Palece (Kazuki) 

Bridge on the River Kwai (Satoka)

Everything which I experienced in PARE are good memories. I would like to say thank you to everyone involved in PARE program. Let's meet again sometime, somewhere!!

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Amazing time in Thailand spring school 2016

Hello everyone~~ 😆  This is Satoka, a student of PARE spring school 2016.
We hokudai students just came back from Thailand last Wednesday, I still can't stand this low temperature in Sapporo, even I am a Dosanko !(Dosanko is who borned and grow in Hokkaido)

From March 6th ~ 22th, it was amazing time ....
First week, we had many lectures and discussion and presentation at Kasetsart University . It was great experience to share the ideas and present in front of other groups, I was inspired a lot from other student's way of thinking.

Next week, we went to field trip along Mae Klong river to do water sampling, also we visited some place like; dams, irrigation center, rice center, SIIT.... Everyday was full of activities, that's why I could sleep well every night.
Thai food is very delicious. especially I like Thai custard with fried something !

Not only from lectures but also through field work, communication with other students, I learned a lot about the water management situation/solution in Thailand.

I am very very happy to be able to attend this program as my very first time to study abroad with international students. Every students is smart, funny, crazy, kind and friendly.

Thank you for teaching me a lot of cultures, languages....
Hope to meet you again in the future.

I love pare students💖

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