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Cherry Blossom in Sapporo

         Hello everyone, winter season is over. Now, spring season is coming in Sapporo. We can see a lot of flower here with a different color and of course here is it, Sakura. I can see my first Sakura in Japan. What a beautiful color that Sakura have. I can see Sakura also in Hokkaido University. Not only Sakura but also the other flower and trees show their leaf and flower again. There is beautiful scenery in Hokudai today.
Fig 1. Flower In Maruyama Park

Fig 2. Sakura

Fig 3. Sakura

I have done a lot of activity in my second month here. I visited Maruyama Zoo. There are a lot of animals in that zoo like tiger, bird, bear and many more and the more interesting thing is I entered the zoo freely. We just show our student ID. Maruyama Zoo is so big. I’m walking around the zoo and its close enough to make me feel tired.

Fig 4. Polar Bear

Fig 5. Cheetah

Fig 6. Flamingo

In the other day, I also join Hanami party with Indonesian Students Associations in Maruyama Park. There is a lot of people also in Maruyama Park. They also do the Hanami party. Not only making a lot of food but also we create a game while Hanami with the other visitors in there.

Fig 7. Hanami Party

Fig 8. Hanami Party

Fig 9. Indonesian Students Associations

My favorite activity that I have done in my second month in Sapporo is hiking the Maruyama Mont till the top. Little bit tired but I’m so happy and I will do that again in another mountain in Sapporo.

Fig 10. Maruyama Mountain

Fig 11. Scenery of Sapporo City from Maruyama 

Fig 12. Top of Maruyama mountain

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Spring Is Coming

Spring is coming. Yeay. I’m waiting for this season. I really love when the sun is shining. But, even the spring is coming, the weather is still cold and the wind is still strong. I’m really excited to see cherry blossom. Almost everyday I took pictures of cherry blossom growth in the campus (Fig 1).
Fig 1. The growth of cherry blossom

Fig 2. Cherry blossom in Hokudai

By the beginning of spring, there is special week, it’s Golden Week. We got a long holiday in Golden Week. Our laboratory organized Hanami party in that occasion. We cooked and made BBQ party under cherry blossom. Not only fun, but it’s also interesting. I got special grill spot with only vegetable and fish (halal food).

Fig 3. Hanami party

During Golden Week, I went to Goryokaku Park with my friends, one of landmark in Hakodate. This place is covered with cherry blossom during the beginning of spring, really beautiful. Many tourists come to Goryokaku Park (Fig 4). We spent time by eating under cherry blossom tree. I also tried cherry blossom ice cream and cherry blossom milkshake in Goryokaku Tower. Oishi. Fig 5 is the picture of Goryokaku Tower. If we went to the top of the Tower, we can see the star shape of Goryokaku Park that is covered by cherry blossom.

Fig 4. Goryokaku Park

Fig 5. Goryokaku Tower

With my friends, I also went to Mt. Hakodate. We went there by using bus and tram. I found many interesting place in the lower part of Mt. Hakodate. We also went to the top of Mt. Hakodate by using ropeway. I enjoyed the night view of Hakodate from the top (Fig 6). It’s beautiful.

Fig 6. View from Mt. Hakodate

Overall, I got unforgettable moment during Golden Week.

In this spring, I just started my class. I am taking Japanese language and also Introduction of Fisheries Science class. Japanese language is not easy for me, but I try to learn. Actually, the class is fun. Everything is going with very well in this spring, not only the class but also my research. I also just started my research. It’s about protein isolate from tempe. I try to make food ingredient from tempe protein. Hope that I can learn many in here. Ganbatte!

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