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Jakarta, the city of culture diversity

     Nice to meet you, PARE friends. My name is Yoshimura Motohiro in HU and I stay in IPB in Indonesia for five months. I will conduct research on gas emission from soil in Sumatra Island from end of the November, so I am preparing for the research such as processing or making equipment. I hope introduce my research field in Sumatra next post.
              In some Sunday in this month, I went to Jakarta city to meet my friend and enjoyed sightseeing there. Then, I found the cultural diversity in Indonesia through Jakarta. I introduce what I saw and felt on the day in Jakarta.

              I left dormitory in Bogor 6:00 am and I arrived at Jakarta station 9:00 taking a micro bus and a train. When you take the train , please be careful that the head of the vehicle is woman-only. If a man of your friends who didn’t know that rule took the head of the vehicle by mistake, he would get kicked out by security guards in the same way as I!
              In Jakarta, I went to Chinese town, Arsip Nasional, Nasional Museum, Istiqlal Mosque and Central Park by Trans Jakarta, bus which has exclusive lane. Trans Jakarta also has woman-only area! Therefore, I went around Jakarta paying close attention to that.

In Chinese town, I found a lot of food carts selling pork which I can’t find in Bogor because of Islamic prohibition. I visited “WIHARA ARIYA MARGA”, Chinese style temple. There were many incense sticks and the temple had sweet smell and air of mystery.
entrance of Chinese town


      Arsip Nasional is a villa built in 1760, Dutch colonial era. It belonged to Clark, former governor-general. I couldn’t enter the building because of the preparation for wedding party but I could enjoy an European style garden.
Arsip Nasional
preparation for wedding party

             In the National Museum, I watched a lot of exhibitions how people had lived in Indonesia in old days showing miniature or genuine staff. It took a long time to see all exhibitions because Indonesia had a lot of cultures depending on location and the museum had exhibitions on every cultures. If you want to visit some museums in Jakarta, please be careful all museums are closed on Monday.
entrance of National Museum

exhibition about racial location in Indonesia

              Istiqlal Mosque is one of the biggest mosque in south east Asia. It was built in 1978 taking 17 years. In the mosque, there was peaceful atmosphere with praying Muslim and sleeping stray cats.
tower of Istiqal Mosque

               Central Park is a shopping mall with beautiful garden. I walked around the garden and ate “Omurice”, omelette with fried rice. There is a detail description about "Omurice" below and please check it out if you need. In the mall, alcohol drinks were sold though it was very difficult to buy them in Bogor. That’s why Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia I think.
What is OMURICE?

garden in Central Park

 Indonesia is a nation with diverse which has a lot of races, languages and cultures. Therefore each cultures are tolerant and respect each other I think. Even though only Jakarta, I could find a great diversity with harmony. I hope the harmony spread around the world.

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Nice to meet you from IPB

Hello everyone. My name is Haruka Okumura. I’m a graduate school student at Hokkaido University. Now, I am at IPB in Indonesia.

Three weeks have passed since I arrived in Indonesia. This is the first time for me to come to Indonesia. I will stay here for 3 months from October to December.

Since I arrived here, I’ve been surprised at many points, hot weather, crowded people, many cars and motorcycles and so on. However, I am really enjoying my stay in Bogor! My supervisors and new friends are very kind. And this is an important point, every food tastes good (in Bahasa Indonesia, enak)!
Sate kambing
This is Sate, like “Yakitori” in Japan.

I stay at international dormitory in campus. I’m so lucky because the dormitory is very close to campus :). The dormitory is clean and comfortable for me.

On 10th October, I was invited to a marriage ceremony at IPB International Convention Center in Botani. I wore the traditional clothing kebaya.
Wearing kebaya

I had never seen such a gorgeous ceremony before. I heard later that the number of guests was beyond 2000 (so many..). I was happy to see the beautiful bride and gloom. I also enjoyed traditional dance and foods.
trees like cherry blossom

traditional dance
with teachers and my friends

The main purpose of my stay is research about child development and parental skills. I attended some parental meeting and discussion.
parents meeting at LABschool

parents group discussion

I am planning to start my research in villages in this week. I’m looking forward to visiting villages. I would like to talk about my research next time.

Thank you for reading all. See you again!

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Winter semester starts here~~~

You guess what???

It's October and the leaves' color are changing~~~

"October".....That means a new semester in Hokkaido University starts here....

I feel like every month in Hokudai is always special in their own ways......

I'll tell you how special my October is~~~

Because this is another new semester....that means in Hokkaido university, we have many new students......for my laboratory [Laboratory of Mineral Processing and Resources Recycling], we have 5 new students from Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and South Korea....
So, We definitely have to hold a welcome party for them....YEAH

Speaking of welcome party, we also have welcome BBQ party for Thai students' community in Hokkaido

I also went to Toyoha minewater treatment plant for a field trip....
The mine was closed in 2006 due to depletion of ore. Now, they installed water treatment facilities to treat water from underground mine site and taillings dam.
The facility is so important because the released water from these facilities is used to produce tap water in Sapporo city area.

Even this is new semester and have new students, this doesn't mean it would be the start of everyone's new year in their study.....
Normally, Japanese students start their first semester in April. So, for them, this is the half point of their year....
Especially for Japanese 4th year of Bachelor degree, this time of the year has one of their most important events for their future......
The event is called 中間発表 (Chuukan Happyou) means Half point presentation.....
They will make a poster and presentation about their research until now and what they plan to do after this.....
So, my laboratory's seminars in this month are usually used to prepare and review their experiment results......

This month, we also have another invited special lecturer from Germany.
His name is "Marcus Plien". He has many real experiences in real mining industry and has very good way to present them to the students...
Even I joined his class twice in Thailand, I still want to join his lecture this time too....
It was another wonderful experience form learning with him again....

In this month, we also held a reunion party for PARE member....we ate nabe together
It was such a long time since we met together as a large group as this time....

There are so many things happened this month....I wonder why there are so many important things keep coming one after another.....

This month my friend from highschool from Thailand also came to Hokkaido for sightseeing. So, I and my friend went to have dinner together....for the food that very famous in Hokkaido....
Such as Sushi, Soup Curry

I think this starts to be a little bit too long now.....

So, See you next time~~~~~


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Hi everyone,

Let me introduce my self, hajimemashite,
Watashi wa Luffy desu, Indonesia-jin kara kimashita
My name is Luthfian Daryono but you can called me as Luffy, i came from Indonesia, Jogjakarta city of volcano in Java island. I was born long log time ago in Ngawi, small city in East Java and then i moviing to study in Jogjakarta UGM, Universitas Gadjah Mada.
This is my first time study aboard, still tough this is a dream for me to study aboard in other country and i came here, to Japan as student (researcher or temporary student whatever), and now i am one of student in Hokkaido University. Thanks for GOD...

I am so so sorry to wrote this story too llate because this should be the first time i arrive in Japan as Gaijin, stranger who living Sapporo. 'I'm an alien, I'm a legal alien, I'm an Javaman in Sapporo.......(with singing like sting, hahahaha).

First letter and visa that really make my parent proud of me

Haneda Airport in Tokyo Japan, first my step in Japan

This is resident card as Gaijin, new comer in Japan

This resident card is amazed me, because we don't need to wait long time then we get resident card for living in Japan like as ID for you as legal alien. As Indonesian, i'm shame of that because in my country for National ID i think we can adopt this regulation like that. I don't know why but in my country that like a long regulation, long mechanism, and also sometimes we should pay for that. I heard some people make a fake ID in Indonesia for criminal action or politic aspect for election channel. We hope we can fix that in my country.
Now i have been living in Sapporo maybe 2 month less. Yeah welcome to the coldest city in Japan, the north part in this country. Ready or not, deal with it. Even in the winter the temperature can be -20 degree Celsius around that. Hiikkkzz.... :'(
Thank for everything especially for wonderful friendship during Summer School PARE Program in Hokkaido University. 

From Jogjakarta with Love & Culture "Bangga Budaya Kita"

Wonderful Friendship

Gadjah Mada team

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Surprising Hokkaido !

Hello everyone, my name is Sulistiawati Pratiwi. Just call me Sulis J , i am come from ITB, Indonesia. It is my first time go to Japan. Yes, not in Tokyo, Kyoto, or Osaka.. its Hokkaido!
Here I stay for 6 month from August to February. First time I arrived in Sapporo, i enjoyed all the weather, food, and also new friends.

my supporter was very helpful :D
Joining in PARE summer school we were participate in group discussions based on river case in each country such as Citarum river (Indonesia), Cho Praya River (Thailand), and Ishikari river (Japan). The course in the class are delivered by lectures and expert  from Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, and Netherlands. After lecture finish, we expressed any opinion base on our knowledge in such group discussion and presented in front of the class. We were happy becouse one of them is our lecture J

i'm so happy, in hokkaido you can ride bicycle every time as much as you want. 
Back to summerschool, we also have done field work concerning improvement in Ishikari river basin and analysis actual situations there. Many place that i visited during this program they are: Ishikari river, Headwork,  Shinotsu peat land museum, Kawaminami Irigation Pumping Station, Sorachi River system, Sunagawa retarding Basin, Takisato Dam and power station, Recylcean place,and higashikawa town. Moreover I knew about history of development Hokkaido after visit Historical village of Hokkaido there are so many building have their own story about Hokkaido's development in past, present status of water pollution, water utilization and water conservation, etc. All of the outdoor activities make me more understand about what I learn in the class.

I love this picture so much, take picture with all PARE student
did you know? surprise came  in the middle of PARE activity
I was surprised at the cultural night. I do not expect committee turns preparing a birthday surprise for me (and my friends Fraga)

One of another surprising Hokkaido i can visit several place during summer school. Holiday, and going around Sapporo is awesome! we were very happy visited some park here.
chocolate factory
Moerenuma park
Hokkaido Shrine 
Don't be sad because summer school has been done. I'll bring you more story in Hokkaido because I join long term program here. See u !    

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