Hi everyone,

Let me introduce my self, hajimemashite,
Watashi wa Luffy desu, Indonesia-jin kara kimashita
My name is Luthfian Daryono but you can called me as Luffy, i came from Indonesia, Jogjakarta city of volcano in Java island. I was born long log time ago in Ngawi, small city in East Java and then i moviing to study in Jogjakarta UGM, Universitas Gadjah Mada.
This is my first time study aboard, still tough this is a dream for me to study aboard in other country and i came here, to Japan as student (researcher or temporary student whatever), and now i am one of student in Hokkaido University. Thanks for GOD...

I am so so sorry to wrote this story too llate because this should be the first time i arrive in Japan as Gaijin, stranger who living Sapporo. 'I'm an alien, I'm a legal alien, I'm an Javaman in Sapporo.......(with singing like sting, hahahaha).

First letter and visa that really make my parent proud of me

Haneda Airport in Tokyo Japan, first my step in Japan

This is resident card as Gaijin, new comer in Japan

This resident card is amazed me, because we don't need to wait long time then we get resident card for living in Japan like as ID for you as legal alien. As Indonesian, i'm shame of that because in my country for National ID i think we can adopt this regulation like that. I don't know why but in my country that like a long regulation, long mechanism, and also sometimes we should pay for that. I heard some people make a fake ID in Indonesia for criminal action or politic aspect for election channel. We hope we can fix that in my country.
Now i have been living in Sapporo maybe 2 month less. Yeah welcome to the coldest city in Japan, the north part in this country. Ready or not, deal with it. Even in the winter the temperature can be -20 degree Celsius around that. Hiikkkzz.... :'(
Thank for everything especially for wonderful friendship during Summer School PARE Program in Hokkaido University. 

From Jogjakarta with Love & Culture "Bangga Budaya Kita"

Wonderful Friendship

Gadjah Mada team

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