Sapporo Culture Shock!

Hello everyone. My name is Pandu, i'm from Indonesia. Going to Japan is one of my dreams in the past. I have to thank God because now my dream has come true. Now I'm in Sapporo, Japan! There are many stories that you have to know about Sapporo. One is the cultural differences are very contrast with Indonesia. I’ll be detailing some of the aspects of life here in Japan that are contributing to my culture shock in an attempt to help others prepare for their future lives in Japan. 

1. It's very cold here!
Do not try to leave your jacket! It is very cold here! For me who normally live in the tropics, Sapporo like a refrigerator ha ha... It was autumn, and I already feel very cold. I can not imagine when winter come :( Maybe i will freezing haha.

2. I feel like an illiterate :(
I absolutely can not read katakana, hiragana and kanji. I felt like a kindergarten student here. Now I can really feel what it feels to be illiterate in the age that is almost old haha. I learned that I have to appreciate the limitations of others. Because no one is perfect. As I can not read the hiragana, katakana, and kanji.

3. Strict garbage management!
The first thing that my Japanese friend taught to me is how to dispose of garbage. It sounds funny, because littering is a very easy thing to do, even by a baby haha. But this is Sapporo men! You have to separate garbage by some characters. And you have to throw it on the day that has been determined. 

There are still many other stories, perhaps I will tell at another time 

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