From Sapporo with Love (part 1)

Let me introduce myself, my name Purna Hindayani from ITB participant. Honestly, it was first time for me to go Japan.. yeay  finally... Here, I am in Sapporo.... I have been living Sapporo more than one month. There are a lot of activities in here, 2 weeks Summer school with tight schedule but it was really fun and more than 2 weeks for exploring Sapporo City : Susukino streets that can shopping anything from the cheapest one until the most expensive one, Maruyama park, Maruyama zoo, Moerunuma park and chocolate factory.
Sapporo is the fifth largest city and my hometown "Bandung” is one of the biggest cities in Indonesia with crowded population. Definitely different from my home town Bandung. First sighting in Sapporo city is "cold but cool” although when I arrived in summer season. Second sighting in Sapporo is very clean even though I never find any garbage along the ways. Third sighting in Sapporo, I am so adorable Japanese people for obeying the traffic rules and there is no noise from private car or public transportation. Thus in this city, we can easily to wander somewhere in Sapporo city without fear of getting lost. Moreover, you can predict how far your destination by calculation the block. for example if you are in Kita 10 Nishi 1 ( my  ex-apartment) and will go to Kita 14 Nishi 1, we can predict the ways that the distance just only 4 block or 400 m. In here also, I never find traffic jam even though in busy hours and comparison with my city is always traffic jam and noisy.
Most of Places in Sapporo so impressive for me. Here, A few photos at 1st  month in Japan :

Mt. Asahidake is The highest mountain in Hokkaido, So Lucky I am to be there. Fantastically, it really beautiful and do not surprised if it is called "Garden of the Gods”.

First time for me to ride canoe for taking water sampling in environmental sciences group .

Getting to Maruyama Park by bicycle was quite tiring but the park and its scenery are beautiful especially in west side, we can access freely to main shines and also we can enjoy with some Japanese trees along the path. Moreover, we can free entry into Maruyama zoo by using international student ID. So, I am very lucky for this time.
Inside main shrine..

young girl and children with traditional clothes ...

Some festivals like autumn festival and Octoberfest at Odori Park....

In this section PARE blog, I just wanna says "so badly, deeply, absolutely, definitely, completely I am in love with this city, from Sapporo with love”
to be continued...
Warmest regards,
Purna Hindayani

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