My experiences in the PARE summer school

Experiences in the PARE summer school
As I expected, PARE Summer School is a great opportunity which I should not miss. It’s a good thing that I joined this program. I felt this, since the first day I arrived.

PARE program has a good concept about fostering frontiers from cross-cultural capabilities to think and solve the problem which everyone actually involves with. I can broaden my vision and gain a lot of knowledge with everyone with others knowledge-based.

Some problems or ideas that I have not thought of or overlook can be found in the group discussion which everyone try to collaborate.

                In the PARE program, we have a lot of experience which come from lecture, discussion and field work. We traveled, leaned, and brainstormed in the real situation at many places.


Not only experiences and knowledges that I gain from PARE, but also an important thing in life called “friend”. In PARE program, I have a lot of activities with them that make us growing our relationship and exchanging our knowledges at the same time.



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