Nice to meet you from IPB

Hello everyone. My name is Haruka Okumura. I’m a graduate school student at Hokkaido University. Now, I am at IPB in Indonesia.

Three weeks have passed since I arrived in Indonesia. This is the first time for me to come to Indonesia. I will stay here for 3 months from October to December.

Since I arrived here, I’ve been surprised at many points, hot weather, crowded people, many cars and motorcycles and so on. However, I am really enjoying my stay in Bogor! My supervisors and new friends are very kind. And this is an important point, every food tastes good (in Bahasa Indonesia, enak)!
Sate kambing
This is Sate, like “Yakitori” in Japan.

I stay at international dormitory in campus. I’m so lucky because the dormitory is very close to campus :). The dormitory is clean and comfortable for me.

On 10th October, I was invited to a marriage ceremony at IPB International Convention Center in Botani. I wore the traditional clothing kebaya.
Wearing kebaya

I had never seen such a gorgeous ceremony before. I heard later that the number of guests was beyond 2000 (so many..). I was happy to see the beautiful bride and gloom. I also enjoyed traditional dance and foods.
trees like cherry blossom

traditional dance
with teachers and my friends

The main purpose of my stay is research about child development and parental skills. I attended some parental meeting and discussion.
parents meeting at LABschool

parents group discussion

I am planning to start my research in villages in this week. I’m looking forward to visiting villages. I would like to talk about my research next time.

Thank you for reading all. See you again!

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