Surprising Hokkaido !

Hello everyone, my name is Sulistiawati Pratiwi. Just call me Sulis J , i am come from ITB, Indonesia. It is my first time go to Japan. Yes, not in Tokyo, Kyoto, or Osaka.. its Hokkaido!
Here I stay for 6 month from August to February. First time I arrived in Sapporo, i enjoyed all the weather, food, and also new friends.

my supporter was very helpful :D
Joining in PARE summer school we were participate in group discussions based on river case in each country such as Citarum river (Indonesia), Cho Praya River (Thailand), and Ishikari river (Japan). The course in the class are delivered by lectures and expert  from Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, and Netherlands. After lecture finish, we expressed any opinion base on our knowledge in such group discussion and presented in front of the class. We were happy becouse one of them is our lecture J

i'm so happy, in hokkaido you can ride bicycle every time as much as you want. 
Back to summerschool, we also have done field work concerning improvement in Ishikari river basin and analysis actual situations there. Many place that i visited during this program they are: Ishikari river, Headwork,  Shinotsu peat land museum, Kawaminami Irigation Pumping Station, Sorachi River system, Sunagawa retarding Basin, Takisato Dam and power station, Recylcean place,and higashikawa town. Moreover I knew about history of development Hokkaido after visit Historical village of Hokkaido there are so many building have their own story about Hokkaido's development in past, present status of water pollution, water utilization and water conservation, etc. All of the outdoor activities make me more understand about what I learn in the class.

I love this picture so much, take picture with all PARE student
did you know? surprise came  in the middle of PARE activity
I was surprised at the cultural night. I do not expect committee turns preparing a birthday surprise for me (and my friends Fraga)

One of another surprising Hokkaido i can visit several place during summer school. Holiday, and going around Sapporo is awesome! we were very happy visited some park here.
chocolate factory
Moerenuma park
Hokkaido Shrine 
Don't be sad because summer school has been done. I'll bring you more story in Hokkaido because I join long term program here. See u !    

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