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Spicy days in Thailand

Hello!  Sawadii krap! Selamat siang! こんにちは!

I'm Subaru Shimizu from PARE spring school 2016.

It has passed already one week since we've come back to Japan from Thailand.
I'm still excited remembering the days we spent together.

During the program, we had so many lectures, discussions and presentations as I cannot count.
Of course, it was really tough experience for me.

While the first several days, I felt it difficult to make myself understood and stayed silent caring about my poor English.
However, day by day, I noticed the importance of telling idea especially when discussion.

When I tried to tell my idea to my group members, they listened carefully to me.
One member agreed with me, another gave me related idea.

It's trivial thing but it meant a lot to me.

After that, I got to be able to share my idea with the members.
I was really lucky I had such nice group members.

My group members from group 4

Through this program, I faced many difficulties.
However, for sure, this experience has made me grown a lot.

I would like to say big thank you to everyone involved in this program.
Thank you very much for all the people PARE staffs, professors, friends!

I hope we can see each other again somewhere in the world!
Till the day, see you!

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Spring school 2016 (Thailand)

I'm Risa. I joined PARE spring school 2016 (in Thailand).

I had never been abroad, so everything was interesting for me.
Lectures and presentations were very hard, but I enjoyed visiting some place, eating Thai food, and talking with PARE friends.

"Aroi !!"

Thank you for reading.

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Spring School in Thailand

I attended PARE spring school in Thailand last week.

In the program, we went to field trip along Mae Klong river and made master plan for Mae Klong river basin.
We had many presentations during the program. It was so hard. But good memory and we learned a lot from this..
This is the picture during preparation for presentation.

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Recent report and fieldtrip

About a week ago, we finished our all experiments, calculated the results and discussed with helper laboratorians and professor Mr.Suwardi. There are less strange data, so I was relieved a little...

By the way, today, I went to "Pangalaengan" which situates at south of Bandun, central west Java, mountainous area. I went there with professor Mr.Suwardi, professor Mr.Darmawan and Yasuda. There are so much wide tea and coffee fields, and the landscape is very very beautiful...!

Tea plantation field
With Mr.Suwardi and Yasuda
With Mr.Darmawan and Yasuda

I heard that Indonesian tea plantation fields have so great and beautiful landscape, so I would like to go somewhere. Today, this wish comes true! Thanks for Mr.Suwardi's invitation. Terima kasih banyak...!

Moreover, we went to coffee plantation fields. The field grows "Arabica coffee". This species is the most famous coffee donates about 60% of coffee production. It has good smell like sweet flower and suitable mountainous area, but it is so week for drying and insect pest. So growing Arabica coffee is difficult.
Well, I become want to drink delicious coffee...

That's all. Thank you for reading

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My First Snow, My First Winter

Hai, my name is Ratih Chandra Kusuma. My friends call me Ratih. I come from Geological Engineering, Universitas Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This is my second time come to Hokkaido University. I came here for the first time when i join at Summer School PARE Program in August – September 2015. From that time, i had dream to continue my PARE Program to longterm program. Now im here and i am going to work at Enviromental Geology Laboratorium, School of Engineering for 7 months. Thank God !
Like mostly peoples who live in tropical country, i am so interested with winter season and exactly with snow. Yess, this is my first snow experience. Last year, i came here when summer season (of course because i had join at Summer School). And now i come here again in the peak of winter season. Everything looks different from the first time i came here, especially the temperatur and the view. I need more less 2 weeks to do adaptation with the temperature, i felt freeze everytime i am outside. But i can’t deny anymore that snow is very very very beautifull view. I feels like live at dream land. Finally i can see ”snowing” directly.
I think i come to Sapporo at the right time. Although i have to do adaptation with the temperature, but i can attend some events in around Sapporo such as Sapporo Snow Festival 2016 and Otaru Snow Light Path Festival 2016. This is become new experience for me to attend winter events and enjoy the events in very low temperature. I am very happy because i got the good pictures that posing-able at social media. LOL. Besides attend some events, i also try to playing ski at Takino Suzuran Hillside National Park. Of course this is also my first time playing ski and fall down many times. I really enjoy my first winter ever.
My first snow. Taken from School of Engineering.

Sapporo Snow Festival 2016

Otaru Snow Light Path Festival 2016
Try to playing ski for very first time

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Small attempt

Our analysis will finish soon. Now the last one is going on. It is hard for me to do the experiment in new environment.

By the way, I made small attempt.

In Bogor, we can see "Alfa midi/mart" anywhere. They are the popular  convenience store here and the members of Ponta group.

Then, I tryed to use Japanese Ponta at Alfa mart to know whether I can use it.
I asked the staff but,

I couldn't use it. We need to make Indonesian Ponta to get points. 

I could find an answer of my question in this attempt. I want to keep trying to solve what I have a question of.

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Welcome to Winter-Land

Hallo everyone,

My name is Dilin from UGM Yogyakarta (Jogja). I am one of PARE students who attending this program since 2015 PARE Summer School in Hokkaido University, but I came back home after the Summer school finish. Now, I am already here in this lovely city, Sapporo, to continue PARE joint certificate plan program. Yep, I’ll stay here about seven months and will face 3 seasons in Hokkaido, winter, spring, and summer.

Talking about winter in Sapporo, Yes, this is my first time facing this season and I fell quite shocked with its temperature. Just imagine, I went here from Jogja bringing temperature about 30 °C, and suddenly in Sapporo I had to feel -5 °C. This 35 temperature difference in one day, well, It was very something for me and I am so grateful (until now) I’m OK and commence to be well accustomed with these ‘freezing’ days in Sapporo, a winter-land. 

By the way, winter is not always scary for tropical people as I am. When the weather become friendly and while snow is still in abundance level we still have time to enjoy the beautiful moments. Yep, in the early February Sapporo has Snow Festival. This was amazing. I enjoyed this festival together with my friends from Indonesia (they were also PARE students who already leaving Sapporo now..... So sad, I miss you guys) and also my lab-mates (Soil Science Lab, Faculty of Agriculture).

Admiring this miniature of Mater Dei, Macau
Enjoying The Festival with my lab-mates while heavy snow attack us (from left to right - I, Putri, Morita, and Kentaro) 
 Also, enjoying blue sky and sunset in winter there is something to be said for, very beautiful.

Sunset near my faculty in HU, very calm

I took this pic when I was visiting my UGM friend's dormitory in Kita 23 (Hesty, Ira, Fitria), so peaceful
OK, I think it's enough, I'll continue to post others next time, there will be more experiences that I can share with you all.
Terima Kasih - Arigatou gozaimasu - Matur Nuwun.

With Love - DLN

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