Recent report and fieldtrip

About a week ago, we finished our all experiments, calculated the results and discussed with helper laboratorians and professor Mr.Suwardi. There are less strange data, so I was relieved a little...

By the way, today, I went to "Pangalaengan" which situates at south of Bandun, central west Java, mountainous area. I went there with professor Mr.Suwardi, professor Mr.Darmawan and Yasuda. There are so much wide tea and coffee fields, and the landscape is very very beautiful...!

Tea plantation field
With Mr.Suwardi and Yasuda
With Mr.Darmawan and Yasuda

I heard that Indonesian tea plantation fields have so great and beautiful landscape, so I would like to go somewhere. Today, this wish comes true! Thanks for Mr.Suwardi's invitation. Terima kasih banyak...!

Moreover, we went to coffee plantation fields. The field grows "Arabica coffee". This species is the most famous coffee donates about 60% of coffee production. It has good smell like sweet flower and suitable mountainous area, but it is so week for drying and insect pest. So growing Arabica coffee is difficult.
Well, I become want to drink delicious coffee...

That's all. Thank you for reading

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