Welcome to Winter-Land

Hallo everyone,

My name is Dilin from UGM Yogyakarta (Jogja). I am one of PARE students who attending this program since 2015 PARE Summer School in Hokkaido University, but I came back home after the Summer school finish. Now, I am already here in this lovely city, Sapporo, to continue PARE joint certificate plan program. Yep, I’ll stay here about seven months and will face 3 seasons in Hokkaido, winter, spring, and summer.

Talking about winter in Sapporo, Yes, this is my first time facing this season and I fell quite shocked with its temperature. Just imagine, I went here from Jogja bringing temperature about 30 °C, and suddenly in Sapporo I had to feel -5 °C. This 35 temperature difference in one day, well, It was very something for me and I am so grateful (until now) I’m OK and commence to be well accustomed with these ‘freezing’ days in Sapporo, a winter-land. 

By the way, winter is not always scary for tropical people as I am. When the weather become friendly and while snow is still in abundance level we still have time to enjoy the beautiful moments. Yep, in the early February Sapporo has Snow Festival. This was amazing. I enjoyed this festival together with my friends from Indonesia (they were also PARE students who already leaving Sapporo now..... So sad, I miss you guys) and also my lab-mates (Soil Science Lab, Faculty of Agriculture).

Admiring this miniature of Mater Dei, Macau
Enjoying The Festival with my lab-mates while heavy snow attack us (from left to right - I, Putri, Morita, and Kentaro) 
 Also, enjoying blue sky and sunset in winter there is something to be said for, very beautiful.

Sunset near my faculty in HU, very calm

I took this pic when I was visiting my UGM friend's dormitory in Kita 23 (Hesty, Ira, Fitria), so peaceful
OK, I think it's enough, I'll continue to post others next time, there will be more experiences that I can share with you all.
Terima Kasih - Arigatou gozaimasu - Matur Nuwun.

With Love - DLN

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