Spring School 2016 in Thailand

Hello! I'm Sakkun, a student of PARE spring school 2016.

This was my first visit to Thailand. I had thought that there are so many spicy foods, and it was almost true.

Papaya Salad

We had a lot of lectures, discussions and presentations. It was very hard for me because my English skill is poor. I have many times confused friends and misunderstood their ideas. Even so, they were always kind to me, and explained repeatedly until I understood. I thank friends, especially group 3.

Group 3

Because I'm majoring in mechanical engineering, I had not done fieldwork before PARE program. So, All fieldwork made me excited.

Erawan Waterfall

Khwae Yai River

Floating Market

Boat trip on Chao Praya River

Mangrove plantation   

In addition, I was able to see many animals and Sightseeing spots.


 Group 2&3 

Grand Palece (Kazuki) 

Bridge on the River Kwai (Satoka)

Everything which I experienced in PARE are good memories. I would like to say thank you to everyone involved in PARE program. Let's meet again sometime, somewhere!!

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