One Day trip in Hokkaido

Last year, September, I came to Hokkaido under PARE program with the short-term period. I have researched about the wonderful place in Hokkaido. At that time, I intended to go to Lavender Farm and Blue lake (Ao-ike). However, I cannot go because of it's too late for Lavender and Ao-ike is to far from Sapporo.

This year, I stay when Lavender is the most beautiful in Hokkaido but I still think Lavender farm is too far from my dormitory. I have not enough money to travel. Fortunately, My laboratory friends asked me where I would like to go in Hokkaido. I answered with no hesitate 'Aoi Ike!'. They asked 'What's more?'. I answered 'Lavender Farm'.

Yes! Like you thinking. They bring me to both places with the borrowed car. This trip is very funny. It's like you can travel at the place you already give up to go. I'm really happy. Thanks everyone who help me finishing my target.

 Ao-Ike with lab members

Lavender Farm

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