Jojo’s Diary : November Part 1_Loy Krathong Festival in Frozen Land

 สวัสดีจ้า... Sawasdee Jaa...

           I’m Jojo (ジョジョ). This month I'm very happy because of many thing that I join.
         In 8th November(Saturday) I have join Loy Krathong Festival in Hokkaido. In normally in Thailand, we have this festival in every year in 12th month of Moon's calendar(in this year is in 6th November) In this event I and my friend from PARE Program (Fern and See) have a Thai traditional dancing show. (Sorry the clip is too large I cannot attach file T-T)

          And in 12th November in My Division have a large event. It is "School on the move program". There are many student from ASAEN country and Japan join this program and also my friend from Chulalongkorn University. 

          And in this month snow already fall, This is the first time for me to see snow. I have seen the tree change from green in Summer to yellow, orange and red in Autumn and now in Winter every thing change to white. It is very beautiful but also very cold. I have to live in this frozen city for long long time. I will enjoy it (^-^) he he he ...

To be continued…


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