Because of you おしょろ丸, Never forget this great experience

Hi! I'm BONG. I would like to show you how enjoy on board Oshoro Maru. First of all, I need to let you know about Oshoro Maru what it does in the North Pacific ocean.

      おしょろ丸 , as one of the Japan’s research ships for the International North Pacific Fisheries Commission. They were built for training and instruction to students as well as sampling fisheries resources such as salmon, plankton and hydrographic data (Bower, 2001). If you want to know the history of Oshoro Maru, you need to access to this paper, The Oshoro Maru: a short history of Hokkaido University’s workhorse in the North Pacific which was written by John R. Bower sensei.

        Recently, Oshoro Maru V was built in 2013 and complete construction in August 2014. It runs very quiet because it propel by electric motors which it is different from previous engine motors Oshoro Maru. This is reason why there is no one ship sick during training on board Oshoro Maru V.

There are 4 Thai students in the PARE Program from Kasetsart University (Suthin Iampaisarn, Tanya Ju-ngam, Nichapat Detkhamhaeng and Ratchanok Sahaworarak) and 4 Chinese students from graduate school of fisheries sciences, Hokkaido  University participated cruise aboard on Hokkaido University’s Oshoro Maru. Actually, one belongs to PARE Program also participated as an ECOSUS participant in this training, Ratna Patriana (RIA). We are very interested, excited, happy and fun all in one during on board Oshoro Maru V.

            During 18-20 November 2014, training activities including plankton observation, ship rope work, CTD (oceanographic measuring), squid fishing and squid dissection. “Let’s see our activities on Oshoro Maru V”               
I tried to drive Oshoro maru V. It's very excited!!
Squid dissection

Meals in each day.

 Plankton observation

Oceanographic sampling (CTD measurement)

I and my partner (Stephani) from sapporo campus. 
We got 8 するめいか who got most squid jigging! yeahh!! /(^o^)/
Also we enjoyed to eat fresh  living squid.It's veryyy 

 Navigation and finding fishing ground.

Finally, I hope these pictures can explain how we enjoy during on board Oshoro Maru more than writing. Let's see my next activities. ^_^ 

Bower, JR. 2001. The Oshoro Maru: a short history of Hokkaido University’s workhose in the North Pacific. PICES Press. 9(1): 25-28.

Suthin Iampaisarn

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