Part 2: November- Nichaphat

Part 2 (November)

           Good evening, everyone.
           In this month, I joined in Oshoro-maru program. I stayed in ship for 3 days 2 nights (2014, November 18-20). I saw and leant about system of this ship, squid, squid fishing, some planktons and working together. I saw my PARE's friend that came from Sapporo. I'm very glad. Moreover, I got new friends from this program.

                                                            We and my PARE's friend

                                                                      squid operation
                                                                   Oshoro-maru ship

               On the holiday, I went to Yonokawa onsen. I saw monkey and summer trees. I tried to play a piano that my friends taught me. Then, we went to the sea that near this place. We wrote our name on the sand. The sea water went through in my shoes when wave came. I am very happy because I feel relax.

                                                                     summer trees
                                                                        play a piano
                                                              our name on the sand
                                                                      the sea

…see you again…

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