Reunion of PARE Alumni Season 1 in Indonesian Culture Night

Dear all,

Good night. Let me share my recent activity in PARE Program. :D

I think, so many Indonesian student were posted about Indonesian Cultural Night 2014. Well, in this event, I was played as a "dayang" of the Princess Roro Jonggrang (Charisa Glesiandra, PARE Program). I had to dance with the princess together. And here is the picture of us. :D

Actually, this is my first time to dance and we put a lot of effort to dance in this event (practising many times and we have to remember every step). And here is the link for our first dance ( Dance Roro-Dayang part 1 )
Some of PARE alumni season 1 were attended this event : Doddy Juli Irawan (as MC) and Vanessa Karnady (the chef of Indonesian food cooking,hihihi ), Takayuki Kondo, Namfon Panjanapongchai, and Reika Isoda. Thanks for coming! :D

Over all, this event was success and everyone feels very satisfied with all of the performance. And by this event, I miss my country, Indonesia! (DF)

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