Fly Ash

Hello everybody! I hope you still warm even in this cold weather :)

Now I will tell you about what I do in my laboratory. My laboratory is solid waste disposal engineering laboratory. This laboratory is located on Faculty of Engineering Building, Section A, 5th floor, room number A5-58. 

In this laboratory, I belong to incineration system research group. Specifically, I study about fly ash. What is fly ash? Fly ash is residue that generated from incineration (burning) process of waste along with the flue (exhaust) gases. The appearance of fly ash is just like ordinary dust. But be careful! This dust has various size from 5 to 300 µm and maybe it will cause health problem if you inhale the very small size particles. 

Fly ash (U.S. Concrete, 2011)

Considering this health risk, you will not see this dust (fly ash) is released from the chimney of the incineration plant in Japan. Fly ash cannot be released into the environment through the chimney because it will cause air pollution. So, the fly ash should be trapped in an equipment to be disposed later in the landfill. The fly ash is trapped in some kind of device called air pollution control.

My experiment is to investigate the characteristics of the fly ash. This week I investigate about physical characteristics of the fly ash. I analyze the density of the fly ash by weigh the weight of the fly ash and measure the volume of the fly ash. Moreover, I analyze about the compressibility of the fly ash.
Fly ash samples

Equipment for measuring density of fly ash

My Senpai teaches me how to analyze the compressibility of fly ash

This is all I can say to you this time. See you.


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