First Snow in Sapporo

Hai All,

Today, In Sapporo is the first time snow fall down heavily. I was so happy to see my snow in huge amount. This is very interesting for me... actually few days ago there were  a snow but very few and we can't feel the real snow yet. Here are some picture that i took.

View from my Dormitory
View from my Laboratory
 Anyway, I would like to inform about one beautiful places in Hokkaido which i had already visited. First, Hoheikyo Dam, this is very big and awesome dam which is located in Jozankei, Minami-ku, Sapporo. You can go there for free, by using Jotetsu-bus from Sapporo Prince hotel at 9:15 to Hoheikyo-Onsen. This bus will take you back again to Sapporo at 15:00, so, you should ready in Hoheikyo-Onsen at that time. You want go to Hoheikyo-Dam you should walk for about 45 minute and after that you can take hybrid bus (620 yen) to rich the Dam. Or... you can continue walk for another 30 minute. you will passed a tunnel and one bridge with beautiful water fall, so i recommend you to walk rather than using hybrid bus. Here are the photo that i took when visited this place.

View along the way to the Dam
Tunnel to the Dam

Waterfall in the middle of tunnel
View in the Dam

 I think that's all for this time, i will continue to next time with other places. Have enjoy winter in the Sapporo and keep healthy.

Salam PARE,

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