My experiment, my plants and my professor

Start  Experiment !!!

             When i stay in Thailand, my research about plant breeding by have objective study genetic diversity, beta-carotene of pumpkin for breed pumpkin high beta-carotene but when i stay in Japan, i stay at pathology laboratory. so, my experiment about pathology.

             the first time, my experiment is visualizing infection of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. adzukicola, causal fungus of Fusarium wilt in adzuki bean roots. objective is the purpose of this work is to clarify whether infection rate of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. adzukicola in adzuki bean roots is significant for resistance to the disease by visualization of the fungus mycelia. Material and methods --> plant : Adzuki bean (vigna angularis), cultivar : Erimo-shozu (susceptible), syumari (resistant) seedlings are grown in pots with soil until the primary leaves are fully expanded (7-10 days after seeding at 23 C.) 

            I started my experiment with my professor by prepare potato dextrose broth medium (PD; Difco) with 2% yeast extract (Difco) 1000 ml and autoclave 

            after that Prof. teach culture pathogen is  Fusarium oxysporum (96-3K2) for practice only. 

             Prof. teach me for cultivation adzuki bean : erimo-shozu (susceptible), syumari (resistant) in vermiculite 30 seeds incubate temperature is 22.4 C.

           finish, the first time for my experiment and i will report continuous.

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