Indonesian Cultural Night Event... (Part 1)

It is tomorrow!
(sorry, it’s maybe too late for postingà But I do really want to share about our preparation)..
Yup,, it is our big event! As the foreign student in the foreign country, it is become a big honor to present our culture in front of other international student. But, we are trying our best!

PPIH (Perhmpunan Pelajar Indonesia Hokkaido), the name of Indonesian Student Association in Hokkaido (more information, please visit our web, held Indonesian Cultural Night Event (Malam Budaya Indonesia), once in two years. This year, we will have the event on Saturday, November 22 2014. It will be different from the last event (2012). In the last event, we present Indonesian traditional dance, Indonesians food festival, Indonesian traditional clothes, etc. But, for this year event beside traditional dance and food festival, we will also have Indonesian drama based on Indonesian folklore. The story is about 1000 temple, named Prambanan temple. It is located in border area of Yogyakarta (Prambanan, Sleman) and Central Java (Klaten) on Java Island.

Prambanan temple

Our "temple"-- Thank you for Gayuh's drawing

In Indonesian folklore, the temple was built as present for Roro Jonggrang princess as her marriage pre-requirement. Bandung Bondowoso (The Pengging Kingdom prince) had to build 1000 temple in one night (before the sun is rise), if he wanted to marry Roro Jonggran Princess. The story was amused, it include love story, battle of power, and also magic. For performing this story, all Indonesian students practiced and prepared a lot. All of Indonesian PARE student member join the event and give our best effort. We will not only play a role, but we will also sing and play Indonesian traditional musical instrument called Angklung. 

Tanoshikattayo.. ^_^

Angklung was originated from West Java. It differs from other musical instrument, because angklung is single tone musical instrument. We have to play angklung together to make a good music. Angklung is symbol of harmony and also can be part of “sustainability of environment”. We can’t live by your own-self and we have to connect with other. Bamboo also symbol of eco-friendly life style and symbol of strangeness. It is suit well with PARE Program idea and as our spirit for living overseas (Keep strong for everything!) We do love to play this musical instrument. Here part of our practicing time

The time passed soon, and it will be just tomorrow. The tickets of our performance are also already sold out about 3 days ago. We do hope that we can perform our best and all of the audience will be satisfied.
See you there...

Please enjoy our show... ^_^

Location: Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan
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