Fourth moments in my life, Hokkaido [Arm]

Hello! Everyone : ))

How are you?... I am “Arm”. This is my fourth report. I have been here almost 3 month. Now, the weather is cold. Do not forget to put a winter clothes. Did you buy winter clothes?...

My schedule is very tight but I like it. I study Japanese language class 3 times a week to make my life is easy in here. The Japanese language is hard but I have a lovely, kindly and funny. I also took the Japanese language used in everyday life with my friends in laboratory.

And last week, I spent my weekend with my friends. We go to eat sushi restaurant, take a photo, karaoke and shopping buy winter clothes for welcome to winter.

This is the end of my report. I hope you have a good time in winter. See you again.. ^^*

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