The journey of my life 3; Autumn in Hokkaido

          Time goes fast, Remember I just came to live here (Hokkaido) not too long almost 3 months only half way I will done :)
          There's lots of experience to me in Hokkaido University I have learn Japanese culture by the environment (people around me, friends, sensei, etc.) and I also learn Japanese language by myself (I don't take any Japanese language class) I think it's quite mistake that I not take it, Japanese language is really important in here if you want to buy something or need some help Japanese people will not speak English to you except your friends and sensei in your laboratory! and if you can't read Japanese language you will usually buy the wrong stuff as I do (This is really concerned!!)

For example If you don't know Japanese language and you want to buy Onikiri (riceball) you will never know what kind of meat stuff inside this riceball! (and I always buy the wrong one)

            I'm so lucky to come to live here Hokkaido I could see the thing that I never see before that's Autumn and Winter actually there's no autumn and no even snow in Thailand then this is first time of my life to see and feel such beautiful things like this! but I still have no idea how can I survive in -20 degree Celsius. alright I really want to show you how beautiful in really short term season "Autumn"

This is Ginkgo street in Hokkaido University when all of leaf around me turn bright yellow.

At the pond near Ginkgo street
Ginkgo street with me
         By the way, I think I should to talk about seriously scheduled as well!
Not even the research that we have to do here but we also have to take course more than 2 credits
So I make dicision to take 4 credits from Advanced Animal Nutrition, Seminar on Advanced Animal Nutrition, Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions and Seminar on Molecular Plant-Microbe Interaction all of course in English and it's really different from my University in Thailand because of the duration of course is quite short (about 4-5 times for 1 course and attend only 1 time weekly) and teacher will specific on their research so it's really clear to understand and not too confusing.
       In my laboratory we have strictly rule for seminar time. We have seminar of our every 3.00 PM on Tuesday every member have to attend no matter what you are foreigner who not get Japanese lol and on Next Tuesday is my turn for presentation. and on 1.30 PM Friday of the week everyone in the laboratory have to meeting and discus about everything in laboratory and big cleaning day for our rooms.

       Anyway, this is time that I need to go, See you again in next season I will show you how wonderful is winter (It's coming lastnight) 

                                                                                              Have a good day all.

                                                                                    PUTCHAKARN  Awassada (Mika)

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