Jakarin Part 1

First half Oct. Part 1 Introduce myself

Hello everyone this is my dairy. First May I introduce myself
“Hajimemashite  Jakarin Na bangchang desu Thai wa kara kimashita Chulalongkorn daigaku no geksei desu doozo yorushiku” This is the introduction in Japanese language.
I'm starting a new semester in Hokkaido University in October 2014. My laboratory is Laboratory of Infrastructure Planning and Design. In laboratory have 12 student in laboratory.My laboratory study about Policy ,Infrastructure ,Transportation system ,etc. In laboratory Japanese student very friendly for me It’s very good impressive but sometime I have problem about communicate because I can’t speak Japanese langue and someone in laboratory can’t speak English. So may be I just deciede to study in Japanese langue and then I just to begin study in this month and see you in next issue.

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