22 November 2014

November 22 2014,
Students from Indonesia that have lived in Japan, make an event called "Indonesia Cultural Night" or Malam Budaya. In that event we (Pare Students : Azis, Sofa, Sugi, Dailami, Ulfi, Laura, Yeni, Ria)  showed a performance with the Indonesian Traditional Instrument that we called "Ängklung". So, i don't have to explain about angklung because Rara-san have explained it, and then we played the Indonesian drama about Roro Jonggrang and 1000 Temple that Yunita-san has explained the story of the drama before.

We are very nervous on that day because many people come, and this is the first time i do some theatrical performance. but at last, we are very happy because many of the audience was very happy and they said they like the drama even they don't know the language.

After the drama, we take the photo together.

This is the photo after we played the drama, funny isn'r it?

This will be one of my great memories for the PARE program.

Okay, Thank you guys for your attention..
See you again and keep healthy....

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