Jakarin Part 3

First half Nov. Part 3 First Snow
I waiting it is very long time more than 20 years ago. I never see snow. This is a first time for see real snow for me. At last in 7 November first snow have fallen but It’s snow mixture with water likely Rainy. I feel little disappoint for this. But in Friday 14 November we have real snow many snow around the city. I .don’t care to be cold toward me. I walking around the city .It’s so far but I feel very happy about it .
About my study some time I feel try because I study every day and have many home work but I have time is little bit to do. Sometime I was feel disheartened to study some lecture. And I think Winter will makes problem about study in the future. I feel fear about it. And now I just finish in this part and see you in next issue

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