My first conference

Selamat malam, I am Natsu Takahashi in MSTT, UGM.
Two months have passed since I came to Jogja.
I had two big event in this month, it's conference and midterm exam.

Today, I'd like to talk about the conference.
The name is 7th ASEAN Civil Engineering Conference(ACEC)
It was held in campus ITB, Bandung, 4-5 November.
I was very nervous because it was my first conference and
I joined it alone..

Although not everything was going well,
I had a good experience and got a little confidence.

This is the picture of my presentation. ↓
Incidentally, the theme is "Compensation system for traffic accident victims in Thailand in comparison with Japan".
Compensation system is important to protect you and your family.
If you have a vehicle, please join the insurance anyway.

The rainy season started in Jogja.
Please take care of yourself. Good night!

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