Festival and Experiment ; Phospholipid extraction

BUABAN   Parichat
Kasetsart University

Loi Krathong festival
When 8th November 2014, about 3 week ago at Clark memorial  student center  in Hokkaido university, Thai and  Japanese people came to join  together. We jointiy held Loi Krathong festival. As well as the my friend and I participated Loi Krathong festival also and we showed Ram Thai.

Photo by Awassada Putchakarm

Loi Krathong festival is an important day for traditional Thai festival. The festival is held in November every day at the moment that we could see  full moon on the sky. Normally activities are held on the every area near the river in the country. Those is believe for misfortunes to floating and an worship and ask for a goddess. For this festival Thai and Japanese people had met, talked and made thai food together such as Somtum (green papaya salad) with chicken fried, Yum Woon Sen (spicy glass noodle salad) and other.  The shows are Ram Thai and Ramwong (Dance in Thai)  including Bingo game rewarded for the winner.

Experiment ; Phospholipid extraction
This is my first experiment in Plant Nutrition laboratory. My staff  is Eriko Maejima. She is studying  in doctoral degree and teach me about all experiment. We study on the aluminum (Al) tolerance of rice and barley and their lipid composition in roots. Usually  rice is more tolerant to Al than other crops. Then, I have been assigned the experiment also  phospholipid and sterol determination include screening of aluminum tolerance. Someone asked me, Why I have to study about phospholipid? I therefore explained that because acid soils is the most serious problem for crop product influence to  stress in the rhizosphere and limits plant growth by excessive Al  availability. Al toxicity has inhibition of root elongation. In root cell has phospholipid and sterols .These are part of plasma membrane(PM) component. When Al binding to negative sites of PM were occur increase the PM permeability. Organic acid anion released from roots is a major Al exclusion mechanism in plant spicies. Therefore, In the PM, Al induced increase in PM permeability can be more severe with a high proportion of phospholipid. That come of hypothesis in this study are in the PM have a higher phospholipid proportion in plant of Al sensitive and in contract if a lower phospholipid proportion in plant of Al tolerant.
 In phospholipid extraction. Root sample is homogenized  three time in extraction  solution are 2-propanol, chloroform and milliQ water.

Extraction solution with a mortar and pestle.
Collect supernatant and all residue into grass tube. The homogenized sample is centrifuged for the chloroform layer separated and collected the layer into flask for three time. After that into seprating funnel for extraction with solution mixture (chloroform : 2-propanol: 0.1 M KCl) and shaken with the same volumn 0.1 M KCl several time .
Separation by separatory funnel.

Then collect chloroform layer is dehydrated with  Na2SO.This solution is filtered and evaporated.

Collected chloroform layer (lower layer).

Filtered through a filter paper (No.6).

Evaporated at 40  ̊C.

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