Indonesian Culture Night 2014..... Mission Completed!!!

This time, I would like to report you about Indonesian event that has been informed in last Yunita's blog.... Indonesian Culture Night 2014. For this time, I will especially talk about Angklung, one of  Indonesian traditional instrument, that almost Indonesian student of PARE Program participate to play those instrument.

Angklung is a musical instrument made out of two bamboo tubes attached to a bamboo frame. Angklung itself orignated from “angka” and lung”. Angka means “tone” and lung means “broken” or “lost”. So, angklung indicate as an incomplete tone, so it needs a rapidly repeating note to sound. Three or more angklung performers in an ensemble will play just one note and together complete melodies are produced. Angklung is popular throughout Southeast Asia, but originated from Indonesia and it has been used and played by the Sundanese since the ancient times. 

At the time of occurrence, the actual musical instrument Angklung regarded as sacred because of its presence to accompany magic-spell on a certain rituals. After times, angklung  instrument change into diatonic scale. Some sources said, Angklung  received a more international attention since 1938 by Daeng Soetigna, from Bandung. Others sources also said the recognition of the existence of Angklung was first recognized  by a great musician Igor Hmel Nitsky, an origin australia on 1955, and has been used for educational and entertainment purposes.On November 18, 2010,  UNESCO designated angklung as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity as part of the acknowledgment, UNESCO insisted that Indonesia preserve their heritage.
@Ishikari Festival

@HUISA Festival

As an exchange student of PARE Program, our activities not only about academic purposes, this program also targeting us to learn about others culture, especially japanese. I , me and myself, as part of Indonesian Student Association of Hokkaido, known as PPI Hokkaido, take this opportunity to learn and change iformation about japanese and Indonesian culture. Indonesian PARE students consist of Sugi, Shofa, Yeni, Ria, Nisa, Dailami, Sasa, Ulfi, Mada, Yunita and I, take this honorable duty to take part to introduce about Angklung instrument. Beginning from participated in Ishikari Festival, HUISA Festival (Hokkaido University International Student Association) and last we performed in Indonesian Cultured Night 2014. After such a hectic schedules of practice and experiment activity, finally we completed our goal to give an awesome Angklung performance on November 22, at Higashi Kumin. Thanks to Kana that took this video. Enjoy ^^.


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