Classical Economics

Sunday on November 23 was a marvellous days. 
On this day, I experience unusual new things in Hokkaido. 

In the morning, from 10 a.m to 1 p.m., me and my friends have discussions about economics, which is something I am not too interested, with representative of Indonesia Bank in East Asia Region. They travel from Tokyo to Sapporo and tell us about recent economic development in Indonesia. Not only that, we also have great discussion about our latest economics issue in our country. Even though I am not studying economics and not think too much about economics, I feel that day discussion was interesting. We don’t use difficult term of economics (because none of member of discussion from Economics major), we were talking about socio-economics, comparison between economics in Japan and in our country, and other interesting issues. I like this ways of learning, talking about recent issues, having discussions both positive or negative side, and after discussions my brain starts thinking many ideas about future. This discussion has turn around the uninteresting economics topics to a fascinating one. Also, it's like take me back to PARE summer program, which we always talking about recent issues and having discussions :)

After the discussion finished, we were going to “Potpourri Concert” (katakana). It is classical music concert held in Hokkaido University Museum starting from 2 p.m. This is also engrossing me because this is my first time going to a classical music concert. I enjoy every song they played, but unfortunately I can’t stay in the hall until finished because the capacity of the room is not enough so I have to stand up along the show if I want to enjoy the concert. But I think probably some people can not see clearly if I stand up so I decided to get out from the concert :( This is the video of the concert. Enjoy!

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