In my laboratory and white snow

BUABAN   Parichat
Kasetsart University
Member of Plant Nutrition laboratory. 
                I would like to introduce my colleagues in Plant Nutrition laboratory.  As you can see on this picture.

  The left (above) are Taku, Chu, Masaru, Pruet, Manami, Takeuchi and Nabasama. The left (below) are Tsuchiya, Eriko, Okuma, Mitsuru OSAKI (Professor), Rumi, Mikito,Parichat, Anna, Takao and Tosihiro WATANABE (Assistant professor).

In my laboratory has done the researches for increase yield on field crop potentiality and improve efficiency of process in stress specific condition especially the loss nutrition in the soil toxicity of heavy metal. Analysis factor in plant tolerance and strains for increase potential.  For the problem solved in term of quality of soil, it lost soil from soil acidity and relationship with loss of nutrients in soil acidity and insufficient nutrients. Those have been effect of aluminium in soil acidity and phosphorus deficiency. We study lipid membrane in root cell and solve the issue of that unusual into aluminium. It also has improved the efficiency of phosphorus in plants. Try to be more resistant to mechanical stress in the physiology and organic fertilizers have been performed actively. We started to grow plants in the greenhouse. After that in field for as a research tool to links with resources .We are understanding of the ecology of plants in the phase of microbial in root cell and the genes expression that respond to stress related to these studies the Earth's environment and resources medications. 

When I wake up today in the morning , Surprise!!! And I have seen thick snow everywhere. Then everything has been spread with white snow covering on the floor, roof, trees, bicycle and others. In my life, this is the frist time for snow experience. And it has so much too.

Snow cover on the floor and roof.
Snow cover on the bicycle.

Snow cover on the tree.
Snow on the floor has been slightly increasing since last night. In the morning, people can’t ride bicycle because they may be slip and get hurt. “Please be careful”  thus, my  friend and I decided to walk from dormitory to university so I could feel that snow is very soft when I touch it. We waited bus to our faculty . We did not see anyone waiting for the bus at the bus stop located outside the building but when the bus had arrived, everyone suddenly went out the building. I think, everyone may feel freezing but we are so happy and funny with snow. It is new thing for us.

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